About Good Night Health

Good Night Health is a new beauty company working in the fast-expanding world of Nutricosmetics.

From inception back in 2015 to the present day, the goal of Good Night Health has been to produce the highest quality health care products at accessible prices. In the Nutricosmetic part of our business, we’ve created new products for you, designed to work with your body, replicating your naturally occurring biological and chemical processes to effectively roll back time.

Collagen is Key

Knowing how important Collagen is within your body and that its use in the beauty industry has not yet reached its full potential is just part of the story. Recognising how the molecules that make up Collagen are far too large to penetrate skin, which renders the topical application of Collagen in creams and lotions ineffective, we wanted to follow a different path.

At Good Night Health we wanted to examine the potential of Collagen supplements and their capacity to deliver Hydrolysed Collagen directly to the most effective transport system there is: your bloodstream. From there, it can build the framework to support and replenish your skin, hair, nails and eyes in exactly the same way your natural-occurring Collagen does.

The French Know How

Taking a lead from the pre-emminent French pharmaceutical companies that specialise in skin care today, Good Night Health gathered together a group of scientists to work on the project in laboratories in France.

Dedicated chemists, biologists and nutritionists all experts in their fields, each bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise, all working side by side to create an effective beauty treatment in dietary supplement form resulted in Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen Plus Beauty Shot being created for you.

Shop Good Night Health and Sleep Well!

How to Get the Best Value Collagen

If it’s your first time, we understand you may feel you don’t want to sign up to our multi-buy programme, in which case you can buy a week’s supply in one bottle. But if you want to get cracking with your new regime you can opt for the three bottle multi-buy which offers a whopping 45% discount!

Remember that improving your collagen production is a long-term fix. You need to allow your body time to utilise the collagen, to generate those new cells where they’re needed. For this reason we recommend you sign up to a multi-buy programme. Don’t forget, that alongside the collagen, you’re also benefiting from a multitude of vitamins and minerals in just one shot that would certainly be very costly to purchase individually.